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How to Bring Traffic to My Website For Free? - One Simple Technique Explained

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2009-12-17 06:55:46     
Article by Veronica Martinez De Escobar Gonzalez

How to bring traffic to my website for free? Let me tell you that is not as difficult as it may seem. There are many paid methods that cost an arm and a leg but in this article you will find the simplest method to bring traffic to your website without spending a penny.

First, let's go over a few techniques that could work for you. Have you heard about bookmarking sites? Sites such as digg.com, stumbleupon.com, mixx, propeller... all those sites are bookmarking websites that are free to use. Let's say your website is about ice skating and you have sub pages for ice skates, then another one for ice skates blades, custom ice skating design and so on and so forth.

What you need to do is take each of those pages and bookmark or submit them individually into these sites. Let's take your page for ice skates blades as an example. You would go to digg.com and submit this particular page so that when a person types in "ice skates blades" into google.com or any other search engine, your website will have two chances of appearing on the search results.

Why two chances? Because if google had indexed your site for 'ice skates blades' then you have one chance right there, then you went ahead and dugg it (in digg.com). Your submission in digg.com would appear as well in the search results.

The only downside about using bookmarking sites is that you can only submit your pages once. So, how to bring traffic to my website for free for the long term? You can always use article marketing. Actually, article marketing is the best way to bring targeted traffic to your online presence without losing your shirt.

Would you like the step-by-step process of bringing targeted traffic to your website for free by writing articles? Let me share with you my five simple steps for bringing traffic to any website by using article marketing:

1. Market Research
2. Keyword Research
3. Article Writing
4. Article Submission
5. Bookmarking

I go through extensive detail on the above steps in my five day mini course.By the end of the course you would have learned how to find keywords or phrases that convert, effective article writing techniques and you will be bringing targeted traffic to your pages for better conversion rate.

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