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             08 December, 2022

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Nursing Students Compromising Now to Land Medical Job Later

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2009-12-14 04:16:47     
Article by Jessica Schulz

If you're looking for your first, second, or third medical job, listen up.

Almost every little girl played dress in her mother's closet. I personally had a fascination with high-heels. Of course, they were always too big and I stumbled my way around her room or even ventured out on to the patio to strut my stuff.

What I didn't realize then that I do realize now is that I wasn't ready to stand in her shoes in more ways than one.

As hokey as this may sound it's true for me and it may be true for thousands of you nursing students or nursing employees knocking on doors only to be denied the medical job you're seeking.

"Hospitals are looking for experienced nurses. They're looking for the right mix of new and experienced nurses", says Dr. Li Loriz, University of North Florida Nursing Department Assistant Professor.

Loriz says students and other new professionals are so anxious to get their dream medical job in the nursing field that they lose sight of reality.

For most of them searching for nurse jobs, the road to realizing their dreams will be paved by nursing jobs and medical jobs they're not always excited about.

"Hospitals can't have a unit of new graduates", says Loriz.

For the past 10 years of my life I have dedicated myself to the art of writing whether it was for on-air or off-the-air stories. My name is Jessica Schulz and I'm the Public Information Officer for bringing you the latest on the medical job market through the click of a button. I have been involved in newspaper writing, radio disc jockeying, public relations, radio news reporting, web-based news reporting and finally TV news reporting.

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