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             17 May, 2021

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Fun Times As You Write Your Bar Business Plan

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2006-09-11 20:23:56     
Article by Shaunta Pleasant

There are many ways in which business owners combine having fun and running a business, and it can seem to many that bar owners have the best of both worlds, with both a lucrative business and a great place to relax and have fun.
The reality is not easy, and it can be difficult to start a new bar or night club. In order to get that new business off the ground, it is important to first create a winning bar business plan.
Using A Business Plan To Help Your Bar Business Get Off Of The Ground
Without such a bar business plan it can be nearly impossible for the bar owner to attract the investments that are needed to get the new business off the ground.
Starting a new bar or night club can be quite expensive with equipment to buy, space to rent, employees to hire and licenses to acquire.
Creating a bar business plan will help the bar owner gather the capital needed to get the business off to a great start.
Addressing Issues That Are Specific To The Bar Industry
The bar business plan should include all the basic information found in other types of business plans, including the name of the business, the address, the names of the owners, etc.
In addition, however, it is important for the bar business plan to address some issues specific to the bar business.
Some of these issues include such things as licensing requirements and licensing costs.
Bars must be licensed to serve alcohol, and it is important for the bar business plan to provide details on the costs of these licenses, the period for renewal, and the risks to the business if the licenses are not renewed on time.
Hiring Qualified Employees
It is also important for the bar business plan to address the relative ease or difficulty of hiring staff for the bar in the local economy.
In some states there may be additional age requirements imposed on bar and restaurant workers.
It is important for the bar business plan to address any special rules which would impede the hiring of qualified staff.
How Will You Market Your Bar Business Once It Is Opened?
No new bar can survive without a well thought out marketing plan, and it is important for the bar business plan to address how the bar will be marketed once it opens its doors.
In many cases it will be helpful for the bar owner to attach copies of proposed ads to the bar business plan, along with perhaps a sample food and drink menu.
These additional items can make the bar business plan more useful to lenders, investors and potential business partners.

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