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             01 February, 2023

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Custom USB Flash Drives to Meet Different Needs

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2009-12-09 07:02:41     
Article by Paul Sung

When you are using custom USB flash drives to serve as a promotional tool, you are already a wise business owner. With your logos being engraved on the pen drives, you are putting them to market your brand on their own. Knowing this fact, many businesses have already begun to give away flash drives as free gifts. The know the power of it when it comes to marketing the brand and the values it brings to their customers' lives.

Living in a generation full of varieties, differences and uniqueness, not every customer is going to like the pen drive you are going to give or offer. They may not need what you are giving to them. Giving away custom USB flash drives are a wise step to take but giving away pen drives in variety is even wiser as a marketer.

So what are some of the factors that need to be considered when it comes to promotional pen drives? The list is exhaustive and for the purpose of this article, you are going to discover three of them.

First and foremost, some people like the pen drives to be handy and small. In fact, not some, but most of the people on earth love what is convenient and handy to carry with them. Imagine, when the first mobile phone was developed, it was as big as a briefcase. People simply had no choice but to carry the huge mobile phone around, no matter where they go. Today, mobile phones are smaller than the size of your palm, which is way much better to carry around with them. Likewise, custom USB flash drives need to have the equal or similar contribution to the society instead of something that takes up a lot of energy of the people.

Secondly, the storage capacity plays a very important role in determining which pen drive is preferred. The very first pen drive ever developed could only contain 8MB of files and today, it is almost useless for many people on earth. People need much bigger storage capacities that will store up to 80GB. For both businesses and home users, not only they are transferring important documents, but files like audios, videos and flash animations will take up even bigger space in a pen drive.

Therefore, you need to know who your target market is and what exactly they need. You would not want to give away the custom USB flash drives of 8MB to a group of working adults because they are not going to find it useful. Likewise, when you are giving away a 128MB pen drive to a programmer, it is probably as good as a junk. So be wise on that.

Now, no matter what kind of businesses you are already in, there will always be some customers who are greedy. They will simply take whatever that are being given to them. While it is not wrong for them to be greedy, it in turn makes it so much easier for your business to decide what to give to them. Whether they like it or not, they are going to help you to promote your business brand in a very indirect way with the use of the custom USB flash drives.

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