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Criminal Justice Education

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2009-12-08 06:18:17     
Article by Erik R Johnson

California has globally marked its presence in providing standard quality education. No doubt, today California boasts number of renowned schools and universities, which are capable of attracting huge number of students from all across the world. As per the prediction of the Department of Labor (DOL), the number of jobs in court reporting is expected to increase by 25% by 2016. Seeing this considerable rise in number of jobs in criminal justice, many colleges in California have started providing a range of criminal justice programs. In fact, criminal justice programs are highly preferred by the students in Californian colleges due to tremendous demand in law enforcement and related fields. These days millions of students enroll in various collages of California (especially in criminal justice) every year for preparing themselves to match up the current market openings.

If you are one of those who are looking forward to making career in justice, here are some of the best programs offered by the various colleges and universities of California that may further enable you make a profession in respective fields:

Court Reporting: You can select court reporting associate degree or diploma programs offered by various criminal justice schools located in California. Once you complete the program, you can easily start your career as a court reporter. As a court reporter, your work responsibility will be to record court testimony, speeches, legal proceedings and other events. No doubt, today the job opportunity for court reporters and deposition reporters are immense in California and so many students are opting for court reporting program in California's best schools.

Business Security and Assurance: Business security and assurance professionals are high in demand and their main role is to protect the information infrastructure from unscrupulous hackers or other evildoers in various institutions. For students who are interested to begin their career in business security can obtain an MBA Degree that is available in different schools of California. The curriculum of the degree program is primarily focused on the different aspects that are important for securing corporate computers and networks like network forensics, database integrity, information security auditing, etc. Once you complete the program, you can pursue your career in business security as a network security manager, risk manager or information security officer.

Criminal Investigation: Pursuing a career as a criminal investigator in California can be an exciting and rewarding profession. The curriculum of this program is focused on the investigation part of any crime scene. Apart from theoretical legal aspects, students are practically taught. As a criminal investigator, your responsibilities include major duties like assessing and processing the crime scene, preparing detailed crime reports, briefings with police agencies and many more.

With so many degrees and programs and lot of recognized universities, California is rich in providing not only higher but quality criminal justice education.

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