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             17 May, 2021

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Maintain Computer Performance - Methods to Protect PC Against Potential Danger Within SHS File

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2009-12-05 06:54:50     
Article by Daisy Vivian

When using the computer, please note that there is such kind of file:.SHS file, which maybe come to you in sheep's clothing (normally by emails) and then destroy your computer. So to maintain peak computer performance, it is necessary to keep your eyes when receiving known resources.

Firstly, it is necessary for us to know something about the. SHS file. The SHS file type is primarily associated with 'Shell Scrap Object File' by Microsoft Corporation, which is part of the Microsoft embed objects inside objects philosophy. Basically, it happens when we drag and drop selected contents like document text, drawing objects, and graphics to the Windows desktop, a file with the extension.SHS will be generated on the desktop. But it is very dangerous according to the two reasons below:

1) In windows, its default icon is exactly similar with Notepad's.

2) Normally, the file extension:.SHS is hidden, even though you have selected to show all types of file extensions within My Computer-> Tools -> Folder Options -> View.

Here, we take a test to see why we say it is horrid:

1) Please go to create a Notepad Document Scrap on your desktop, and then open Notepad, click Insert -> Object -> tick "Create from files" and then insert the one you have just created -> click OK.

2) Click "Edit" and then Package Object -> Edit Object -> click "Edit" within the popping-up window -> select "Common line" -> type "Format.com a: /autotest" as what you can see in the below screenshot -> Click "OK".

3) Then drag and drop the newly-updated files on the Windows desktop and rename it to "I love you.txt.shs" or something else.

4) If this kind of file was sent out and received by some PC users, they won't hesitate to open it for.txt file is so normal file types without considering that it has anything executable in it along with a vast collection of dangerous script code in the wrapper. When opening it, there will be a DOS windows appearing whether to run the file. If click Yes, it may bring disasters to your computer.

So when receiving some unknown files, you should be caution on whether to open it or not in order to maintain computer performance. But to maintain computer speed, it is necessary for you to learn some knowledge on how to protect your computer against the potential danger within SHS files.

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