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How to Stop Drinking Without Rehab

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2009-12-03 05:17:22     
Article by Micheal Covington

OK, We now realize that we have a alcoholism problem. We're serious about trying to stop cold turkey at this stage. We want to stop consuming beer, liquor, and wine. If you're like me, you want to stop drinking without AA, or stop drinking without rehab. There are many tips to help you solve your addiction problems and quit without AA help. But to quit drinking without AA or to stop without rehab takes serious discipline

My main problem was the fact that I never had an activity to replace alcohol. I started to drink mostly in high school. I then graduated and want to college for a short time but the alcoholism took control and I dropped out. I got a factory job and the repetitive cycle started. Work at 7:00am and got off at 3:30pm and drive to the store and buy lots of beer EVERYDAY for about 7 years. Some people at my job have been doing this for 30 years. I was afraid that life would be boring if I tried to stop.

I never quit cold turkey but I slowed down consumption. Every year I told myself I would stop and stay sober for the new year. I know it's possible to stop without AA and quit without rehab because I've seen it done before. About a year ago I told myself I would stop without AA and stop drinking without rehab. I finally figured out what my personal problem was. At first I thought I was addicted to the "buzz" of being, well "drunk". I figured out that I was addicted the act of consuming beer more than beer itself.

This may sound ineffective but I started to consume lots and lots of water at times I would drink. That helped me stop consuming alcohol and I stopped drinking without AA and on-line forums helped me quit without rehab. I wanted to quit drinking without AA because I'm a shy person and felt ashamed of my addiction.

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