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             27 September, 2022

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Allergies - How to Benefit From Natural Insecticides For Pest Control

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2009-12-01 05:28:51     
Article by Art Emiss

There a lot of insect fighting chemicals on the market with the same basic ingredients. All they do is change the variation a little to allow a different brand name. Let's look at it from a different perspective, an example would be Ibuprofen. There are many different versions and strengths of Ibuprofen, but it all boils down to the same basic ingredient. There are watered down versions of Ibuprofen which are a waste of money for the consumer also.

There are lots of opinions about the use of natural insecticides. I have used commercial pest control baits in my house for years and they worked sometimes but not all the time. I use boric acid and it works most of the time. It takes longer but the results are consistent with ants. There are many different circumstances that a baiting system is the best or boric acid is the best. Some key ideas are:

1. How advanced is the insect infestation in your home?
2. Are you allergic to pesticides?
3. Can it harm your your plants?
4. Is it safe to use around your pets?
5. How easy is it get?
6. Is it a multi-use product for different insects.
7. How much is it going to cost you.
8. How effective is in in controlling pests.
9. Do you realize that natural pest control takes longer but is safer than most commercial products.
10 Will the product affect certain surfaces such as tile or wood.

If you are going to use natural insecticides, you'll need to understand the safe and effective way to use them. You should know what works for each type of pest you are trying to control. Mixing is bad especially with the wrong combinations of natural products, it can cause an allergic reaction in certain individuals. Garlic is a prime example, some people are allergic to it and others are not. Garlic is used to keep insects off of plants. Used indoors can be bad for someone with an allergy to garlic. People with Asthma and Allergies need to be careful with any form of pest control: natural or chemical.

Boric Acid is another example of a product which needs to be used right. Boric acid is a white crystalline weak acid that contains boron. Boron is a mineral substance, and minerals are of the earth. If you get boron too close to plants or grass, it will kill them. I use boric acid to control weeds between the cracks in the driveway and my pavers. Works great at keeping the weeds out and not using a toxic chemicals to do the same thing. It's not always less harmful as the Green People would have you believe. By the way, Boron is toxic to people in high doses. Do not recommend you breathe the dust either. So, either way, always follow the manufacturers label for proper use.

In conclusion, natural pesticides have increased in sales in the last decade. If you are using the products, use them safely and do not mix them together. These products have always been around, but people had to learn about their benefits concerning their use and effectiveness. If you do not have patience, this is not the way to go for you, natural pest control takes the time to work. If you think about it, you will not know if you will like them until you try them out today.

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