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             18 January, 2022

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I Solved the Biting Toddler's Traits and You Can Too!

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2009-11-30 06:56:45     
Article by Mary A. Escobar

Parenthood is supposed to be a joyous time, you always hear people talking about how great it is to have something that loves you more than anything in the world. However, many people shy away from telling you about some of the behavioral problems that you can expect to arise from your children.

A few basic behavioral traits that are consists in children are temper tantrums, constantly being told no by your child when you ask them to do something and of course the almighty biting toddler's traits. These behavior discrepancies are definitely not what I was expecting when I became a parent.

The first time I found out that I was dealing with toddlers who seemed to fancy biting was when my brother brought his daughter over to play with my children. In the middle of all three of them playing my toddlers began biting my niece.

I have tried so many different things to cease this biting habit that my toddlers I thought had suddenly developed. I must have read a plethora of different books, manuals and even attempted going to counseling with my children to see if anything would solve this sudden outburst of aggression from my twins.

What I did not comprehend is why they were fine amongst one another, but whenever someone else came into the picture they basically teamed up on them. I knew that if I could not stop the excessive biting that my toddlers were commencing in, the problems could escalate to something a lot worse than what I was presently dealing with.

When counseling seemed to be a dead end, just like all the magazines I had read, I turned my attention to researching whatever I could from the internet. I ended up finding a few programs that actually said some great points.

However, after finding the same program that I implement with my children today I have not had any behavioral problems out of the two of them. It is great when my brother comes over and asks me what I did to change my kids behavioral issues.

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