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Things You Need to Know About Prepaid Calling Cards

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2009-11-24 06:42:49     
Article by Janice Anderson

One of the fastest growing industries today is prepaid phone card resellers and carriers, and by looking at its history, the services provided by calling card carriers was flawed with plenty of technical malfunction and delays. However, the industries enhanced their customer service, and now are providing phone cards to numerous people on almost all parts of the globe.

These days, we can easily search for prepaid phone card resellers that offer comparatively similar rates, and as our technology advances, it is predictable that these kinds of competition will play the crucial part in the global telecommunication industry.

Why prepaid phone cards offers low rates.

The main reason why typical prepaid phone cards offer low rates for domestic or international calls is because of the different technology used. Most calling card providers sell cards using order of VoIP (Voice over IP) and regular lines to attain a decent stability between call quality and cheap rates. In Addition, since calling cards are prepaid, it requires advance payment on the amount of card you will use, and this is the reason why other fees are taken out, such as gathering payment or debt retrieval.

Conditions you need to know when using prepaid phone cards.

The fees and quality of calls differ with each call card carriers, card carriers may charge different sorts of fees, some are hidden while some are shown upfront. It depends on how you can spot it. Maintenance fee is one of the most common prepaid phone card expenses. This fee is charge through deducting your calling card's weekly or monthly balance that reduce your call minutes, while connection fee affects your calling card's balance once a call is connected.

Rounding refers to the multiple of minutes that is charged during calls. For example; 5 minutes rounding means that you'll be charged in 5 minutes percentage increase, like from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and so on, a call for 9 minutes and 30 seconds is rounded off to charge you for 12 minutes. It is vital for consumers to confirm the payments and connection system of each prepaid phone card carriers, for this will give them the knowledge to choose the lowest rates possible.

Ensure to acquire the right card for you.

To check whether you have the right prepaid calling card, you need make a comparison of card rates from distinctive resellers, this is to ensure that you get the one that fits your calling needs. A card doesn't always need to have lowest rates to be the right one, if you normally make long calls or if you're a frequent caller, it is recommended to have a card with maintenance or with connection fees, as these types of prepaid phone cards offer cheap rates. You don't have to worry about your card balance reduced if you don't use it, the concept prepaid cards is to enable us to use it anytime we need to make calls, and it will still be there even in a year or more.

Janice Anderson is helping SpeedyPin.com phone cards reach out to cell phone users to let them know that they can use prepaid phone cards with their cell phone to make international phone calls at up to 95% less cost vs. direct dialing. Planning to purchase prepaid cards? Please visit our website.

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