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             29 September, 2023

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Selecting a Gun Safe - Features of Popular Gun Safes

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2009-11-18 06:12:03     
Article by Michael Theodore

It is a very important decision when selecting a gun safe. When you choose to keep a gun inside your home you must assume the responsibilities that come along with it. I am sure that most people attend some type of gun safety course and learn the proper way to handle to operate the gun they are going to purchase. Where most people fall short is after they get home at the end of the day. The safety procedures do not stop there. Selecting a gun safe is paramount to the responsible owning of a gun.

Key Operated Safes

These are by far the most popular types of safes. They function by having a locking mechanism that locks and unlocks by the use of a key. One possible problem with this type of safe is the key can be lost or stolen. It is also possible for children or intruders to find the key and gain access to your gun.

Pass Code Safes

This type of locking device has been around for a while as well. They work by using a pass code determined by you to secure the contents inside. This code can be anything you choose including you birthday or anniversary. One disadvantage of this type of safe is the possibility that the code can be forgotten in a time of panic cutting off access to your gun. Another possibility is that the code could be figured out by those close to you. Some people even write down their pass code which can later be found by someone you do not want access to your weapon.

Biometric Gun Safes

This is the newest type of locking device on the market. The safe is locked with an electronic device that stores fingerprint images. The safe is then opened by sliding your finger over the scanner which releases the lock. This type of gun safe provides quicker access to your weapon when needed. It also provides a means of locking that cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten. This is an option worth looking at when selecting a gun safe.

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