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International Calling Cards - Money Saving Option When Traveling Abroad

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2009-11-16 05:23:27     
Article by Raina Kelsey

The world has become a smaller place with the advent of fast transportation methods such as high speed trains, monorails, jumbo jets etc. One can move from one part of the city to another city, state, country and even continent without spending days on travel. One can move from admiring the serene beauty of Taj Mahal in India to relishing the spectacular beaches and sea-line of Mauritius to cherishing the experience of beautiful islands of Greece and then hopping to Brazil to do the Samba dance, all within a matter of a few days. These visits could be for personal reason or for professional purposes. With many companies having operations abroad it becomes extremely important to travel to such locations to retain clients and also win clients. Many companies send their executives and upper management officers to locations abroad for business work.

These travel visits require one to stay in touch with the registered offices and the main offices for any communication pertaining to the purpose of the visit and to receive any instructions in that regard. The situation is such that communication via text or E-mails cannot always be suitable and usage of local network connection would prove to be a very expensive solution. This has made the invention and usage of international calling cards as a money saving option and also helps in usage of the new local connection without losing network access.These cards can be availed of on a prepaid basis by paying a certain amount and then using the connection until its value is completely used up. They can also be signed up for on a contractual basis where the total usage can be paid for later to the mobile telephony company upon the arrival from the destination abroad.

Calling cards have reduced the dependence on telephone booths as one can easily call their home location any time they want and any place they want. There is no restriction on the location of call as its network dependent and there is no compulsion with regard to the time of making the call either. The prices and offers of such international calling cards is different for different companies and depends upon number of cards that the company is availing of. The price of these calling cards and their price differs on the location for which they are sought too. Prepaid or credit based method is more popular than the post paid method as the previous would help in reducing the costs since any exhaustion would lead to cancellation of the line thereby keeping a check of the expenditure and reducing unnecessary payments.

Pay as you go deals can be easily canceled and newer international calling card can be purchased even from locations abroad. If that method is not possible or doesn't exists then the card can be refilled on-line. Some countries also sell international calling cards in their retail stores for the benefit of tourists and visitors.Besides tourists this method of calling cards is well sought after for students going to school far away from home, for internationally stationed army personnel or if you have friends and family in different time zone/area code.

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