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             25 February, 2021

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Green Tea Serves As a Wonder For Bodybuilders

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2009-11-12 04:47:53     
Article by Rold Kaffy

Why are bodybuilders over the world giving green tea more priority than any other beverage? Investigating the process, here is what was found out.

Green tea has been called as one of the most natural and safe products that can cure various diseases like Alzheimer, diabetes and help shed some extra pounds. No field has been left where the wonders of green tea have not touched. Talking about the realm of bodybuilding, a large number of bodybuilders have found increase in their energy levels and strength with the help of this infusion. Whether taken in the pills, capsule, powdered or liquid form, this natural blend offers excellent results to the users.

Green tea is widely consumed in most places not just because of its fresh flavor, but for the excellent antioxidants it contains. It contains a whole family of molecules popularly known as the ECGC or the epigallocatechin gallate that includes anti-oxidants that are approximately 100 times healthier and stronger than the Vitamin C. It has also been highlighted by many studies that in order to reduce the overall level of cholesterol in the body, consuming this is the best choice, with some health benefits that are still not known to the mankind. It is a very popular drink whose regular intake rivals the coffee and water worldwide along with being a superb dietary choice for a lot of people including bodybuilders.

Bodybuilders generally need to drink about a gallon of water every day, according to their dietary formulas. This actually becomes a truly tedious task for some who get tired of drinking water incessantly. There are some who even choose to include Crystal Light or sweetener to the water in order to make it all the more palatable. By using green tea instead of these, an athlete can really avoid the various unknowns that are associated with consuming some drink that contains saccharin or aspartame, artificial sweeteners which adds no nutrition to the body.

So, tea produces a healthy option to people who like to improve themselves and develop their bodies. It increases the overall exercising capability by allowing larger utilization of the fatty acids serving as a great source of energy during intense workouts. Also, this can lead to great weight loss as they enhance fat burning. Consumption of this infusion results in the 24 hour window of raised respiratory capacity that leads to more efficient oxidation performance in the consumer's body. The recommended dosage is about 100 to 500 mg of green tea every day. For bodybuilders, drinking this product with caffeine is also a beneficial option. In fact, caffeine works to become a great support for a bodybuilder to stay lean and does not hinder the process of weight gain.

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