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             25 September, 2021

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Top Herb Garden Designs - Learn From Proven Winners

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2009-11-12 04:47:41     
Article by Patrick E McTigue

While many people choose to grow their herbs inside or in a window box, if you have the space available a larger herbal garden may be a good option for you. Since herbs are both beautiful and useful, they are a great addition to any garden.

Herb garden designs depend on a variety of factors. Things like available space, desired style, desired herbs and other factors will dictate what you can do with your herb garden designs. Perhaps the most important factor in herb garden designs is aesthetics. The style of your garden should complement the style of your home as well as reflect your personal style.

In the past English style herbal garden designs have been quite popular, and are still the preference of those who like neat rows and symmetry. There is something nostalgic and appealing about neat hedge rows that frame lovely flowering herbs such as lavender, or small shrub plants like rosemary. They usually feature some type of center focal point in the middle, whether it is a statue, or garden furniture or a fountain.

Perhaps one of the best herbal garden designs for a small space is a design that uses tiered planters. The reason this works well for smaller areas is that the footprint of the area used is small but as the tiers in the raised planter boxes move up, you gain more planting area.

Another of the most popular herbal garden designs is the more modern design of the square garden. It is laid out in a similar fashion to the English style garden but is more open. Where the English garden is usually bordered by short neatly manicured hedges, the square garden is not. English herb garden designs usually feature paths that are covered in small pea gravel, but square herb garden designs feature paths that are covered in pavers of some type.

When you are planning your herb garden one of the critical factors is the variety of plants and where you will put them. Some of your herb plants will grow tall if you allow them to, while some will become very shrub like, being full and low to the ground. Some will require more sunlight than others and some will require more water than others. So when you are choosing the variety of herbs that you want to grow it is important to plan accordingly. Just choosing the herbs that you would like most to have in your kitchen and then planting them can result in problems.

Herbs can also be planted in your existing flower garden if you have one, and they often make beautiful additions. But you will want to be careful as the plant food and pesticides (if you choose to use them) that you would use for flowers are much different than those used on edible plants. The products used for flowers are highly toxic if ingested, so erring on the side of caution is always best.

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