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             27 May, 2020

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How to Stop Worry From Taking Over Your Life

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2009-11-11 06:49:31     
Article by Paula Owen

Some people seem to be born worriers. The truth is worry does nothing to help any situation. Some people think that if you don't worry about things then you are not a caring person.

This is not true. It is more caring to actively help the situation - or if you cannot help the situation than it's better to focus your attention on something positive.

Unfortunately many people waste precious moments worrying over things they have little control over. Perhaps there is a war going on in a faraway place. Unless you feel strongly enough to go and fight or help nurse the victims how is worrying about everyone helping them?

Taking all of the world's burdens on your own shoulders will only weigh you down. It's more constructive to focus your attention on doing whatever brings you joy. When you are feeling joyful you infect others with your joy.

This has an incredibly powerful ripple effect that actually does other people good. Being glum and despondent only brings down other people.

Once you make a commitment to feel joyful no matter what, you are helping everyone raise the spirits of all you meet. Let those who feel strongly enough do something to actively help. If you do not feel strongly then do not focus on the situation.

If you must worry then put aside time to do this. Each time you feel worried about something jot it down in a notebook. Each week allocate 30 minutes to worrying. Pull out your notebook and sit there and worry about everything you have noted down in the week.

Eventually you will find you have less and less worry entries. And you will find you are living a new life where you are enjoying and not worrying.

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