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             26 November, 2020

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Can Herpes Cause Problems During Pregnancy? Do Not Endanger Your Future Child - Inform Yourself!

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2009-11-10 06:28:53     
Article by Joseph T Morris

Having either of the two types of herpes that is, HSV1 and HSV2 can cause problems during pregnancy. Herpes cause either miscarriages, or giving birth to premature babies or the risk of the baby developing complications if exposed to the virus also increases. It is estimated that nearly 20 to 25% of all pregnant women have herpes but only a small percentage of them will have problems while giving birth.

If the outbreak of the disease is your first one during pregnancy, then it is unlikely your baby will be infected. Your body will produce enough antibodies against the virus which will be passed on to your baby offering him/her some protection. If you already have herpes then as soon as you get pregnant, the virus will pass on to your unborn child. Herpes cause the most havoc when contracted by a pregnant woman in her last trimester. This is when both the mother and child will be a great risk because the body has not had the time to develop antibodies to pass on to the child.

The unborn child is at greatest risk for developing herpes when the mother has an active outbreak during the birthing process when the baby is passing through the vaginal canal. Here the virus can pass onto the baby. Herpes cause severe problems in babies. They may be born premature, may develop brain damage, or may have eye problems or worse, may even die.

None of the anti viral drugs are considered safe to be taken by pregnant women without the risk of affecting the unborn child.

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