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             08 June, 2023

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Texas is Truly Bigger and Better

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2009-11-10 06:28:37     
Article by Ryan Coisson

Texas, the state where everything grows big with lots of room for even more expansions. The hats are big, the cars are big, the football fields are big and the fans have the biggest spirits. Nothing in the state comes in small packages, they don't even ask if you want to biggie size it, it's understood.

The old joke is that if Texans wanted California to be the third largest state they would split Texas in half. Bigger is not only better but a way of life for the average Texans who sports a lot of pride. Lots of companies cecum to the bigger philosophy also, with of course, the oil companies leading the way. Real estate is done right in Texas with companies combining residential, commercial, land and rentals all under the same roof. I couldn't help notice the Allen Real Estate signs as I drove through rural and urban Texas. They were everywhere.

Texas has more Fortune 500 companies than any other US State. I was surprised to learn that it also leads the country in agriculture, petrochemicals, computer, aerospace companies among others. Is it big because it is better or is it better because it is big? Ah, the age old question plaguing Texas' neighbors.

Southern style hospitality was evident everywhere. "Come on in" the signs tempted, Southern Style Ribs on every menu. Warm weather, friendly folks, plenty of real estate for sale or lease makes you want to pack up the family car get a job at one of the electronic or computer plants and buy one of those big ol' Allen Real homes for sell. Big is beautiful.

Dedicated professionals and can provide you with prompt, responsive service in helping you fulfill all of your McAllen homes and real estate needs. For details visit at Pecina Group. Ryan Coisson is a freelance writer.

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