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             10 June, 2023

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The Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements in 2009 For Men

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2009-11-08 05:07:47     
Article by Chad Watkins

One of the largest problems with men and working out is that the results are not always as fast as we would like them to be.

A benefit to working out is that it can increase our longevity. Which means a man will feel better longer and he will not have to worry about a lack of energy that happens when we are inactive. Inactivity has been known to cause diseases that can prevent a man from getting into the best shape of his life.

The top supplements last year that were taken for a man were:

1. Whey Protein- This is a protein that allows a man to get more than the daily requirement of protein. This helps build muscle by providing extra nitrogen to the muscle.

2. Creatine- This supplement has been popular for quite sometime. Those who have taken creatine report that they have gained 10lbs in a 3 week period. This initial weight gain is caused by water and it helps to expand the muscle by "stretching" the muscle tissue.. This supplement is the basis for most mens supplement routine. Even though it causes weight gain, men have reported that their stomachs have gone down a little as well.

3.Caffeine- This is used to help burn extra fat and to curb appetite.

4. Daily Vitamins for men- The crowd who supplement with dailt vitamins pay heavy attention to what they eat on a daily basis. If you are undernourished, you can take vitamins and experience a pep in energy if you are needing it. The best vitamins that the body can use are organic vitamins.

5. Portable protein shakes- Men use these all the time to save time when they need something that has a good nutritional value.

Another supplement that has grown popular is the Acai berry, this berry has undergone quite a bit of study and has been formulated with other ingredients to help and assist for weigh loss in men. It contains essential fatty acids for the body, which can help with cellular reproduction and muscle repair when a man wants to gain muscle as well as lose fat.

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