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Motivation and Managers

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2009-11-05 05:30:50     
Article by Ming Li

People are not robots. They act a certain way not because it was something that other people want for by themselves but because of an excuse and not just for anything. Some people will say that they're doing something because they want to. Well, why do they wish to? It's because of something. This something is a person's motivation. Like a car, an individual will need some kind of gas that will rev it up to move. The gas is that something that will drive a car. The same comes with people. Motivation is the single driving factor that makes people get up and go. It is that something that will make them do things that they ought to be doing.

The're different kinds of motivation for different people. People want different things for life and thus, they do things for different reasons. Some people are motivated by their need for security. This could be in the grade material possessions or security with their state in life. For some individuals having money in their bank account will ensure they secure while there are who need to have a steady job the way to do that. Some people nevertheless are motivated by the need for recognition or achievement while there are some who are already content with having a network of people supporting them.

These different kinds of motivation will determine the matters that people will do with life and how they'll answer people. As an example, individuals who are more motivated by recognition do not care about the money. They simply like to be known or to be famous. These are artists of the worlds who don't really care if they earn or not. Their need is not to earn an income but to show the world their art and be recognized for it.

Another example are ladies who are already okay being housewives and staying at home to look after of their families. It is not because they cannot have a career of their own, they only don't have the drive to walk into the corporate world. These women are not motivated to be recognized for their work but to be loved by those that they love. These people are motivated by their need for affiliation.

Motivation is important in the sense that you will experience you can treat people if you know how they're motivated. For example providing you have employees who are security driven, you'll be aware that they have to be at peace with their jobs. They should probably given housing and car advantages. Other employees nevertheless have to be praised and recognized in addition to others. It is these those who are more motivated by recognition. Anoother sort of persons need to been provided responsibilities.

The more the merrier. If they aren't given these, they will feel left out. Others on the other hand don't want responsibilities the least bit. They merely want to be invited to concerts because they have affiliation.

Knowing what motivates an individual will help managers handle their subordinated great. It will also easier for them provide them with tasks and assign them to particular jobs. Hiring people will in addition yield better results if you find their motivation. After all, all you must actually do is to hire individuals who are achievement-oriented. These people's motivation are internal. They're motivated to attain and accomplish. You cannot get an improved employee than that.

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