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             09 June, 2023

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Antiaging Product

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2006-09-09 21:39:57     
Article by R. Drysdale

An antiaging product is a product that slows or reverses the natural effects of aging in the human body. While humankind has long sought the secret to eternal life, in recent years there has been a steadily increasing demand for anti aging products and medical treatments to make people look and feel younger. Though mostly ignored by medical specialists until now, the field of anti aging medicine is growing exponentially.

The most popular antiaging product is probably still topical cream for the skin. Because our skin is the visible part of us, the part we present to the world, skin is the first thing we think of when we say that someone looks old. The skin is also one of the most vulnerable body parts to the aging process: sun, wind, pollutants, and chemicals all batter the skin on a daily basis and take their toll. Anti aging skin creams and lotions, as well as hair dyes have been around for a very long time, and their ability to make us look younger is apparent, but it is only recently that skin creams have truly contained ingredients that can make a real difference. Today's anti aging creams can actually help replace moisture and collagen and rejuvenate cellular functions - they can turn back the clock for skin.

When the focus is not on appearance, but rather on health, the chosen antiaging product is usually a dietary supplement - vitamin and mineral tablets, herbal extracts, or proprietary formulas reputed to have special anti aging benefits. Many foods have been identified as containing compounds that help the body fight the damaging effects of aging and, as such, are being marketed and consumed as antiaging products. Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, these products are likely to have some benefit in prolonging the years of healthy life that the average person can enjoy.

Any antiaging product should be used in conjunction with a sensible plan for healthy diet and regular activity: more than any other product or treatment, eating right and exercising have been shown to support health and vitality long into the senior years. Without these important habits, you will not reap the benefits of any antiaging product.

Of course, there are increasingly medicalized approaches to antiaging, and products and services provided by medical specialists include hormone treatments, surgical procedures, and various drugs. These treatments are controversial as they do not have the backup of rigorous scientific testing and may, in some cases, do more harm than good. The more common and longstanding antiaging products discussed above have more evidence to recommend them, and they carry less risk. If you are contemplating an invasive procedure, research the supporting evidence first and approach it with caution - and in the meanwhile, look after your skin, eat a healthy diet, get lots of exercise, and take a multivitamin and mineral supplement.

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