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             21 January, 2021

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What is Stage Hypnosis?

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2009-10-31 07:23:54     
Article by Simon Warner

People generally see hypnosis in two forms, the stage show and in a consulting room. Many therapists frown on stage hypnosis, believing that it puts people off hypnotherapy, however it can be argued that stage hypnosis opens the eyes of the general public to the mysterious powers of hypnosis.

Stage hypnosis is a highly entertaining form of entertainment as it involves members of the audience being the focal point of the show rather than the hypnotist him (or her) self.

A suggestibility test is used to find out who is most likely to respond to the suggestions given by the hypnotist. Once the hypnotist has chosen who is to be kept on stage then a hypnotic induction will follow for added drama a stage hypnotist may use a "falling backwards" induction to quickly induce trance. Some less experienced hypnotists will use a progressive relaxation induction, which takes a considerable amount of time.

Once trance has been induced then the hypnotist will then start on his or her routines starting with easy things such as playing a musical instrument such as a piano then moving on to making people forget things such as numbers or their partner's name.

Once the "subjects" on stage are responding well to the hypnotist's suggestions then the hypnotist will inject more comedy into the show such as making them think they are famous people or dance as if they were in River dance.

A profession stage hypnotist will always remove all suggestions at the end of a show. Comedy hypnosis is one of the most entertaining nights you can have when performed by a professional hypnotist.

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