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Proactive Care - Staying in Tune With Our Elderly Parents

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2009-10-29 06:52:05     
Article by Martha Paulson

Aging is a natural process. We cannot reverse it or prevent it. It's another stage in our lives. Our retirement years are just another stage in our lives. During our retirement years we undergo physical, mental and emotional changes. As your parents age you may notice these changes. This is the time to get involved in your parents lives. Taking a little bit of time to stay connected with our parents can ensure that they continue to live healthy happy lives.

When your mom or dad has a medical appointment, take the time to accompany your parent to the office visit. With your parent's permission ask questions regarding their health and any changes that you may start to notice. It maybe best to see a physician that specializes in geriatric issues.
Elderly people can at times become confused. When it comes to mom or dad's health, be proactive. This will help your parent cope better and feel that someone really cares about their situation.

As they age, often our parents tend to sit around more. If you notice mom or dad is less active find out why. Staying active is a vital key to remain in good health. Any form of exercise helps maintain bone mass, improves balance and strengthens muscles. Even small amount of exercise can make a world of difference in the way we feel. Exercise can help prevent falls that may cause injuries. Falls are the number one reason that elderly people lose their ability to live independently.

During a medical visit with your parent, address the issue of exercise. Have the doctor suggest simple exercise that your parent can partake in with the physicians permission. Encourage your parents to be more mobile if possible. A simple walk can be an enjoyment for both of you.
Staying in good health means eating a nutritious diet. Make sure that mom or dad is eating well-balanced meals. Assist them in preparing their grocery list. Help them prepare meals if they live alone. Help them purchase items that are nutritious and easy to prepare. Check their refrigerator and pantry for items that may be expired. Small things can make a world of difference.

Sometimes elderly individuals do not keep up with personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is very important. Maintaining personal hygiene makes you look and feel better. But most important, with the aging process our skin becomes much thinner leaving us open to cuts and ulcers. This is one of the reasons that in elderly people there is a greater need for good daily skin care.

Our sleeping habits also change as we age. We find that we need less sleep. If mom or dad has problems with sleeping you can discuss this with their physician. There are simple thing you can do to help them get a good night sleep. Encourage them to develop a routine at bedtime. Activity during the day can help a person sleep better. Make sure mom or dad is not sitting around all day. Have them avoid afternoon naps or caffeine. Reading or browsing through a magazine before bed can also help. Your parent's physician may have other suggestions for a good nights sleep.

As we age, staying mentally stimulated is very important. Books, crafts, gardening and other activities that your parents used to enjoy and can still do should be highly encouraged. Invite family member, friends and neighbors to stop by and visit. Remaining social can help mom or dad keep a positive attitude as well as stay in touch with the world around them. Elderly people seem to get more depressed. Staying social can cut down on depression.

As our parents guided us and supported us when we were growing up. Let us guide and support them through their retirement years. Always let them know though, that they are still in control of their decisions and their lives. Treat them with the respect that they deserve. After all, they did a good job of raising you. Who did we turn to in time of need? Our parents, of course. Let them feel now that they can always turn to us. Becoming proactive in the care of our parents can be at times very stressful and emotional. But it can be very rewarding as well. It is a time when we find that we can bond with mom or dad all over again. And really get to know them adult to adult.

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