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Herb Garden Kits - Choosing Which One to Buy

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2009-10-25 05:52:31     
Article by Julie E Brown

How much time do you have to devote to gardening? You should be honest with yourself if you intend to grow an herb garden. Anything you plant has to be tended to, up to and including the time of harvest. If you don't expect to be able to devote some time to your garden each day, you should scale back on what you plant. Herb garden kits can produce crops that don't take a lot of your time. They are very convenient.

When you undertake to do something new or that you haven't had a lot of experience with, it is sound judgment to start out small and use materials that are properly proportioned to reach the planned goal. Gardening is no different in this situation. If you have limited space to work, you need to know what to expect when the plant reaches maturity and how much harvest there should be.

It's fairly simple for anyone to grow herbs in a limited space, as long as they don't plant more than they can realistically harvest. Some plants will spread from a sprout to cover a large area if not controlled. For some herbs, one plant is sufficient to fulfill your needs.

Based on the area you have available and the time you will spend on your garden, you can choose a kit that is the best fit for you. A small kit might only contain 4 or 5 herbs that grow on a window sill and require little more than regular watering. A large kit might produce a 10 foot by 10 foot garden.

All kits should come with instructions and tips on how to plant, how to care for the plants while they are growing, and when to expect the harvest. If a kit is designed for indoors, it may contain grow lights to control photosynthesis. Some indoor kits have plants that grow entirely in water, alleviating the mess of dirt inside the home.

One important thing to take into account is what herbs you will grow. Are you growing medicinal type herbs or culinary herbs? How many plants you need will be determined by how you plan to use them. Don't buy any kit based only on the price. Kits with plants that start from seed will cost less money than those that start with sprouts, and some herbs are more difficult to start from seeds.

Sit down and list which herbs you want to grow and write out beside each what your planned use is for each variety. After you have made your list, find out which kits best fill your needs. Check kits from several different sources to get the best price.

Herb garden kits present you with an excellent way to get the harvest you want if you are willing to provide proper care for your garden. It requires only a little of your time each day. This is, of course, based on the size of your garden.

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