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Tips and Ideas to Optimize Your Laptop Battery Life

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2009-10-22 06:20:48     
Article by Lee Rembert

Laptops are portable and light in weight. Due to its mobility, people love to work on their laptop. A laptop can operate for a long time when it has a good battery life. Hence, anyone who has a laptop desires to optimize the life of their notebook battery as it allows them to work even when there is no AC power.

One should keep in mind the following points to optimize the life of their notebook battery. Brand new batteries should be charged in a phase of fourteen to sixteen hours. Laptop batteries should never be overcharged as this will reduce the life of your battery. Therefore, ensure that the batteries are cooled down before getting them recharged. Nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion are the three types of popular batteries found in the market.

Nickel Cadmium batteries are the first rechargeable notebook batteries. The output of these batteries gave satisfactory results though they were available in the market at affordable prices. But as time passed by, popularity of nickel cadmium decreased as it was not as eco-friendly than the modern types of batteries. Memory effect is one of the drawbacks of nickel cadmium batteries as it shortens the life of the battery when you charge it without allowing it to drain completely at the beginning. A nickel cadmium battery gets damaged when it is plugged to the charger even after the battery is fully charged for a long time.

Moreover, nickel cadmium batteries have low capacities and they are also heavier as compared to nickel metal hydride and lithium ion batteries. Therefore, nickel cadmium batteries are no more used in modern laptops.

Nickel metal hydride batteries produce twice the energy output than nickel cadmium batteries. Though nickel metal hydride is prone to memory effect they are still used in older laptops as many people rely on their notebooks that operate only on nickel metal hydride batteries.

Lithium ion batteries are the trendiest and most popular types used in newer notebook batteries. They are light in weight as compared to the older ones. A lithium ion battery also generates a better output than nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride. Consequently, lithium ion batteries are eco-friendly and have a longer runtime. Lithium ion batteries also known as Lion do not have the dreaded memory effect that their predecessors had to suffer. They also have more power and higher voltage in comparison to older models of battery. Therefore, Lion batteries have taken the place of older models in newer laptops as they yield a better performance when they are discharged completely before recharging them.

Besides these points one should know the basic aspects to maintain their laptop battery in an efficient manner. Firstly, the laptop should never be placed on a pillow as this may block the air flow and overheats the laptop. Also avoid keeping your laptops in extreme temperatures. There are two ways you can charge your laptop battery. One is when it is plugged directly to the AC power supply which automatically recharges the battery as only a small flow of electricity called trickle charge runs through the battery. Second is by recharging the battery with an external charger.

After following the above tips one can save a lot of time, money and effort as replacing them with a new laptop battery is quite expensive. Hence, one should take proper care to maintain their laptop batteries so as to operate it in an efficient manner.

For more information about how to look after your laptop batteries head over to this great article that will give you all the information you will ever need when it comes to increasing laptop battery life.

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