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             22 February, 2020

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How to Learn a New Song on Guitar

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2009-10-21 06:12:16     
Article by Robert OBrien

Learning guitar is supposed to be fun, except when that new song becomes the three headed hydra that you are unable to defeat. Here is a great method to attack those new songs with so you can move on to become the guitar warrior you are meant to be! First pick a song that is challenging at your level, not impossible but challenging. This will help you grow as you learn and progress as a guitarist.

Next you'll want to take it SLOW at first. This is key, if you play a song slow you will learn how to manage all the tricky parts. If you try and try and try some more at a fast speed hoping that somehow you will pull off a magical maneuver you will end the playing session frustrated and upset that you cannot play that dumb song. Start out at about 50-70% of the speed the song is to be played at. Tap your toe, set a metronome, do something to know you are playing at a slower and consistent speed.

Next is the toughest part, practice...practice....practice...practice, and do so every day! If you do not practice for some amount every day you will never learn that elusive song. Anyone can find an excuse to skip practicing for a day but as soon as you do the next day comes and you have more excuses and so forth. Try to set a time every day that you can jam out, even if it is only 15 minutes guaranteed. This will be better than skipping whole months.

If you slow down your song and play it consistently every day, over time you will find it easier and easier and after about 2 or 3 weeks even the toughest song will seem easy to you. Now that isn't to say you will be a master in a month but you will grow month by month to be a much better musician.

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