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             23 May, 2022

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Your Company Introduces a New Product And Now it is Up to You to Sell It

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2009-10-20 07:05:35     
Article by Joe Dambra

Your company just introduced a new product. They go over it with you, explain it to you, provide you with literature, answer any questions you may have concerning it and, make a presentation to you on it. Now it is up to you to sell it. What is the best way for you to go about introducing it and selling it. Here is the way I did it.

1) - Read all the literature your company put out. Make sure you understand it. High lite anything in it that you think may be of value to you. Anything you may use in the future for a presentation, anything that you think may be of importance to the customer. Literature should be used to familiarize yourself with the product from the companies point of view. It also helps you be more comfortable with the product from the outset and be aware of those points in the literature that you want to make the customer cognizant of. Literature is a source of descriptive information for customers and should be used as a source of familiarization to the salesperson.

2) - Handle The product, see if it does what it is supposed to do and how it does it. Only you can experience how something feels and works. It makes you one with the product. You bond with it. It is important for you to get your own impression of the product first hand

3) - Create your presentation from the feel you got from the product. Write your presentation down doubled spaced so you have room for additional thoughts and changes. Suite the presentation to your particular set of selling skills. How will the features of the product provide benefits to satisfy the needs of the customer. Keep practicing and honing your presentation until you are satisfied with it.

4) - Anticipate any important questions or problems that might occur. Be prepared for any eventuality. How will your presentation address any set of circumstances that may arise.

5) - Prepare a presentation using your competitors product from the competitors point of view. Focus on any perceived weakness of your product so you can combat them in the future.

6) - Check your records. See if this product replaces something the customer is using now or if it compliments anything the customer is using now. Constantly keep an open file on it so you can upgrade it. Take note of any changes that may affect the product in any way from your company or your competitor. This includes changes in color, weight, literature, warehousing, etc. Once your company puts out a new product you are responsible to make it fly. Take advantage of all the help your company provides you with, but it is you that has to adapt it to your selling technique and make it a success.

Thank You
Joe D'Ambra

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