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             18 January, 2022

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How to Make Your Media Center Childproof

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2009-10-18 06:25:03     
Article by Chuck Topanga

The idea of a media center is very young. Media center technology is relatively new, and has only recently begun to gain a foothold in the United States and the UK. If your children are important to you, then protecting them should be foremost on your mind. With most media centers come ways to safeguard both your children and your equipment against any problems.

Media Center? What's that?

A media center is basically a computer that, like a DVR controls your various entertainment devices such as your DvD player, CD Player, satellite box, cable, radio, game console, etc. From the main menu of your media center you will be able to select the activity you plan on using from one menu screen. They come in many forms; in addition to dedicated media centers, many game consoles and computers can function as media centers.

But a question arises: how to make it safe for a child?

Parental Monitoring

Most media center components themselves come with parental controls, allowing you to put blocks on what unauthorized users can view. For internet usage, there are multiple filtering systems available to block inappropriate sites, or you can use a whitelist to only allow certain sites to be visited.

Don't forget our friends the antivirus and spyware detection software, essential when connecting to the Internet. Ensure that all your software is up to date in both these respects, and run regular scans of your entire system for any viruses or spyware.

Physical Precautions

They spill drinks, bang furniture into delicate technology, mix up cables, and otherwise put equipment through the wringer. But the real question is how to childproof their media center's electronics?

Wiring will be one of the main causes of consternation. There are IR repeaters available which will allow you to stow all components out of sight while still being able to use remote controls. If you don't want to use a repeater, then try to use shorter cords and connections to minimize the useless coils of wire lying around.

Also, try not to rest components directly on top of each other. During use, they will heat up, and without proper air circulation they will overheat, which as you can guess is a bad thing.

Integrating Existing Computers into Home Theaters

This can be done, but you have to make sure you know exactly what you're doing. For instance, to connect existing video players into your computer you'll need a video card with video capture capacity; if you intend to use your computer as a DVR, the card will have to support that as well. In addition, the video card will need to support your television's connections if you want to play video on your TV.

Protecting your children and your equipment does not require much effort, and the results are always beneficial. If you put in the effort now, the results will more that justify the time that you spent.

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