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             20 October, 2021

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Health Insurance For Self Employed People

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2009-10-08 05:51:03     
Article by John Newcomb

There are a lot of options open to those of you who are self employed when it comes to health insurance. Of course, the ideal insurance plan for you would vary depending on your health and budget, but this article can give you a fair idea of what to expect if you do happen to visit an insurance agent.

One of the easiest options that is open to all self employed persons is to simply get an individual health insurance policy. Because of the high competition in this field, you can get a pretty decent rate from most providers if you do your research properly.

However, if you aren't in the best of health, getting an individual health insurance can be tricky. An insurance provider can deny insurance to an applicant if it believes there is significant risk attached to the applicant. Therefore, if you have any serious medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart problems, or are morbidly obese, there is little chance that you get covered in an individual health insurance policy.

The second option open to self employed people is to apply for a group insurance policy. Any firm that employs anywhere between 2 to 50 people is defined as a small business and thus, is eligible for small business health insurance. If you, as a self employed person, meet this criteria (i.e., you have a business that employs 2-50 people), you will find that a group health insurance policy has significantly lower entry barriers, and has very competitive rates as you only pay the average of the entire group, regardless of the risks attached to you.

As a third option, if you are the sole proprietor of your business, you are eligible to apply for a guaranteed issue small group health plan. This plan enrolls people only in the month of August.

For a self employed person, getting insurance at a competitive enough rate that covers most of your medical risks can be quite tricky. It is recommended that you seek the help of a licensed insurance agent who can guide you around the various policy options open to you, and help you save money on taxes too.

Next, read more about florida state health insurance to get an idea of health insurance in the state of Florida .

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