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             08 August, 2022

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Off Grid Power System Design - Generate Electricity Inexpensively

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2009-10-08 05:48:17     
Article by Josh Brentwood

Have you ever wondered about what life would be like living off the electricity grid? What would you do with all the extra money? There are very helpful guides which teach you to setup your own off grid power system design and generate electricity on a budget.

If you want an off grid power system design there are two main ways to generate natural renewable electricity.

Solar Power - Solar energy is collected from the sun through solar cells and then stored in deep cycle batteries for later use. Solar electric generators are the most reliable sort of off grid power system design.

Wind Power - Wind energy is collected through a windmill generator and stored in deep cycle batteries. The windmills required can be quite large and wind is not the most reliable natural resource.

These two off grid power system design types can be used together in charging the same deep cycle batteries. The benefit of having multiple generators per battery stack is that more energy can be used because more is being generated.

Did you know that the average retail cost for a 75 watt solar panel can range from $300 to $400 and the materials for the same panel will cost you under $100. In these harsh economic times this has lead many people to construct their own generators.

A home built off grid power system design can be built just as strong and efficiently as retail energy systems but for much less. This includes solar and wind energy generators, with each solar panel or windmill you build you will save money and generate more electricity.

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