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Work Management is now available to everyone

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2009-10-07 07:38:13     
Article by Dr Neil Miller

Work management is an essential subset of management used to get work done. Typical work management activities are:
• Managing goals
• Sorting out relevant tasks
• Planning tasks
• Organizing work
• Managing meetings
• Involving people outside your work teams
• Keeping stakeholders informed
• Coordinating work and teams
• Creating ToDo lists
• Reporting Progress
• Managing personal and team time

Major constraints on Work Management
While intensively studying how people actually (naturally) work together to get work done, we found that most people can only manage a small number of tasks without assistance. As the amount of information increases and/or people are dispersed, simply remembering all the things that need to be done gets harder and harder.
One major reason for this is that each person can only remember 7±2 pieces of information. This personal memory constraint significantly limits the amount of work that can be managed. We usually overcome this severe constraint by creating lists of tasks. Consequently we create and manage lists for corporate plans, strategies, projects, governance tasks, operations and follow-up actions from meetings.
At a personal level, we usually extract relevant actions from many lists to create a personal ToDo list. So a practical work management solution needs to somehow keep all these lists synchronized, in the one place.
In contrast, computer and mobile software can easily manage thousands of tasks and dispersed people. But software is not good at value adding people skills like decision making, critical thinking and leadership.
Consequently an obvious way to improve work management is to eliminate major constraints by combining the strengths of people and software.
Beyond existing methods and tools
Current work management is a jumbled mix of methods and tools that largely rely on speeding up existing manual methods. Unfortunately most of the benefits to be gained from automating manual methods have already been gained. The only way to rapidly move forward is to radically change work management methods and tools, because incremental changes will have minimal effect.
Drive work through teams
For effective work management, strategies, projects, governance, projects, initiatives, operations, meetings and tasks need to be managed together. Team membership needs to be used to identify relevant tasks, join tasks, provide context, sustain security and privacy, sort out workflows and determine who needs to do what with whom when.
Presenting work from an individual's perspective
Work management is about addressing all the work each individual needs to know about and manage. It provides a relevant work framework for each person, easy access to repeatable work processes, global consistency, and a relevant ToDo list for each person.
Progress based on work done
Progress and other reporting needs to be based on completed ToDo's (i.e. work actually done). This direct linkage between actions and progress eliminates the need for confusing estimates.
Reducing current training and experience requirements
Other methods usually require a lot of training and experience to understand and manage workplace processes. TASKey has found that when complex processes are automatically managed through teams using software that is accessed by web and mobile browsers, the results achieved are very impressive.
When using this smart software, people require less management training, because tracking, checking, coordinating, informing and progress reporting happens automatically. Plus reducing the work management being done manually, leaves more time for value adding skills such as decision making, critical thinking and leadership.
New era in work management
TASKey's team driven work management methods and software can easily manage a huge number of tasks and people globally to facilitate a giant leap forward in work management. By managing complex processes, synchronizing lists, and with minimal training needed to apply the methods globally and consistently; a practical solution to getting work done is now available to everyone .. Visit our website for more information.
Dr Neil Miller

Specialized in: Work Management - Work Done - Planning - Stakeholders - Strategies - Projects - Governance Tasksworkplace Processes - Software - Mobile Software
URL: http://www.taskey.com
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