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             16 May, 2021

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What Can a Medical Billing Advocate Do For You?

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2009-09-29 06:44:39     
Article by Sheri Samotin

Terminology and complexity are the rules of today's healthcare system. Most consumers are not even aware that there may be hidden problems with their bills. When you are busy or not feeling well, you often don't have the time to do the necessary work to get corrections made. You might not even realize that you are being overcharged!

All kinds of errors are found on medical bills. We see examples of billing more than once for the same service, billing for services or supplies you didn't receive, using the wrong diagnosis and procedure codes, unwarranted denials by the insurance company, and plain old human error. All of these causes can add up to you, the patient, paying more than you should be for your health care services.

Medical billing advocates help individuals review medical bills for errors. We make sure that what you are being asked to pay is something that you actually owe, that you are not being over-billed, and that your insurance company (if you have one) is paying the amount it is obligated to pay. You can think of us as medical bill analysts too. We analyze your bills and your coverage and make sure you get the benefits you are paying for.

National reports show that 90% of medical bills have errors, and they are not to your favor! Most people do not ask for and do not receive an itemized statement showing what they are being charged for. If you went to the grocery store and they handed you a receipt that said, "produce $40, meat $100, and canned goods $50, total $190" you probably wouldn't accept it. Why do we accept these types of bills from medical providers?

If you are interested in hiring a medical billing advocate, where do you find one? As with most professional services, the best way is through word of mouth. You can also check out billadvocates.com, the website for the Medical Billing Advocates of America. This site offers a feature that allows you to search for an advocate. Since most of what medical billing advocates do is done by telephone and email, it isn't necessary to hire someone who lives near you. It's best to hire someone who has a background in health care, insurance, or related fields.

Many medical bill consultants conduct an initial NO-COST telephone review to help you determine if hiring a medical billing advocate makes sense for you. In general, if your advocate doesn't find savings, you only pay the costs associated with obtaining copies of your medical records.

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Sheri Samotin is a medical billing advocate and the founder of LifeBridge Solutions, LLC. Sheri brings more than 25 years of business and management experience to helping individuals manage the complexity of medical bills. In addition to medical billing advocacy, LifeBridge Solutions offers family transition coaching, daily money management, household transition services, and estate administration support. Sheri is a member of the Medical Billing Advocates of America, the International Coach Federation, the American Association of Daily Money Managers, and the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Please visit our website to register for our e-newsletter or sign up for our Family Transition blog.

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