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             16 January, 2021

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How to Win Fights in Mafia Wars! The Most Hard Hitting Tips and Tricks Unveiled!

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2009-09-26 06:13:13     
Article by Jim Daniels

Mafia Wars has become a very famous game played by estimated 20 million players around the world everyday. With the ever increasing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, more and more players join and play this unique game. If you are serious about dominating the game as well as other players, you will need some heavy hitting tips and tricks that are discussed in this article.

What is so special about this game actually? Well, the game gives you the chance to experience the lifestyle of a mafia. You can live the life of breaking the law, earning money by committing crimes and grow your own mafia to become the top mafia organization. It satisfied the fantasy of the players, making it become more and more popular. In Mafia Wars, fights are inevitable as there are a lot other mafia families. Here are some tips and ways that you can use to win in fights.

Items and Equipments

When you are fighting with other mafia gamer, it is essential that you have already equipped yourself and your mafia team members with weapons, armors and vehicles that have high attack and defense ratings. With high attack and defense ratings, you can win a fight easily. Spend money to buy good equipments and do more jobs that can loot items. You can get good weapons, armors and vehicles when looting items. Besides that, you can also buy equipments that are limited which normally have higher attack and defense ratings.

Build Your Strong Mafia Family

Having a large mafia organization can also increase the chances of winning in fights. When you have a large mafia family, more mafia will help you when fighting with other mafia family. Yet, it is also very important that you equip each of the mafia members with weapons, armors and vehicles which have high attack and defense ratings. Apart from that, you should have strong and powerful top mafia players in your mafia family as well. Normally, these players have high attack and defense ratings which can help you to attack and repel attacks from others.

Research Your Opponents First

Before you decide to fight with other mafia family, make sure that you do some research over the mafia family that you want to fight with. Study the statistic of the Mafia Wars gamer. See how many fights the opponent had gotten involved in and how many fights had the opponent lost. If the opponent happened to lose a lot of fights and have smaller mafia family, the easier you will win over this opponent.

If you're sick and tired of having to beg people to join your mafia while continually getting your butt kicked by other mafias, this top secret information is for you. You've probably always wondered how these other players can build up Godfather points and grow their mafias so fast. I used to wonder the same thing. I thought, "What, do these guys have some God-given mafia leadership skills?" "Are they constantly annoying their friends by sending out a million invitations?" "What are they doing?" This powerful secret information has allowed me to LEGALLY:

1. Get massive Godfather points.
2. Dominate the Mafia Wars game and other rivaling players.
3. Get dozens of top mafia members to join my mafia in just 2 hours (this is so simple once you learn it)
4. Master any level and job with lightning speed.
5. Make multiple millions of dollars every single day without breaking a sweat.

I will probably become one of the most hated players on Mafia Wars by releasing this information. If you want in on powerful Mafia Wars guide that the top mafias are using, make sure you act fast!

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