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             10 June, 2023

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Easy Guide to Growing Herbs Indoors

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2009-09-16 02:18:22     
Article by Tim Y Edwards

Growing herbs indoors is one of the most convenient and economical gardening styles. You could grow as many as twenty different herbs right inside your own home. It is all possible with the help of diverse pots.

Indoor gardening is commonly associated with container gardening. On the other hand, indoor herb gardens could also be as wide ranging as a full green house or an atrium.

Container gardening and tips for keeping soil moisture

This type of gardening is conducive for those who live in buildings with not much outdoor space for bed gardens. This is also suitable for places where the soil moisture and content cannot sustain plant life.

Planting in pots could also mean healthier growth. You could easily control weed growth and external factors that could wilt your herbs - from changing weathers to pest infestation.

There are various containers for indoor gardens. The best ones are the 5" by 4" pots for countertop spaces. You could also go for vertical planters where you could hang six to eight small pots. If you have adequate leg room, you could use big pots and steel oblong basins. These could accommodate up to six different herbs. You could also use home-made or ready-made self-watering containers to save you time in watering plants.

A sample herb combination is as such: arugula, chives, basil, cilantro, parsley and thyme. They are best kept in one medium sized tub-like container because they do not have expanse root growths.

You need to place the potted plants near areas where sunlight could still reach them. If you do not have enough room with such description, you could place a lamp directly over the plants. The 300 watt bulbs could be sufficient to provide the plants with heat. You could turn on the lamp for at least five, at most eight hours every two days.

In watering indoor potted herbs, you need to always check the soil moisture. Grab some soil and squeeze it. If it oozes, you need not water the plants. The ideal time for watering plants is about three times a week.

Also, you could do these following steps in keeping soil moisture to last longer. Line the bottom of your containers with plastic wrap or newspaper before filling in the soil. You could also use baby diapers. The polymers in the diapers absorb and maintain moisture in the soil.

Greenhouses and Atriums

These two areas are mainly used by people who have less healthy soil components in backyards and lawns. These are ideal for gardeners who already have over fifty matured potted herbs. These could be separate locations outside the house proper.

Since these are assumed to be at least four cubic meters wide, you could combine varied sized pots and container beds. The latter are usually wooden that look like bed mattress frames. The soil you should use is organic composts, available in sacks at gardening stores.

Both of these locations should have natural lighting. The roofing should use transparent polymer plastic so the light can penetrate easily yet not exposing the indoor herbs to too much sunlight and heat.

Now you see that growing herbs indoors could be diverse. You are not limited to your kitchen countertops to enjoy hundreds of herbs.

And now I would like to invite you instantly access herb gardening mini course absolutely free!

And discover how to create your own home herb garden.

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