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             08 June, 2023

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Beginner's Guide to Herb Gardening - 5 Keys to Gaining Real Herb Garden "How To"

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2009-09-15 02:32:00     
Article by Erin Smart

"Okay," you tell me, I've read some articles and decided what to grow." Maybe you've bought a kit or a few plants and even gotten them started. But now you want to learn specifics and gain real knowledge about growing herbs. Well, you've come to the right place. With these five keys you can do the work and reap the benefits as a real herb garden expert.

1. Keep a Journal -- Keeping a garden journal is an indispensable step from the very beginning. Making a quick note of each step, every question and any "do over" you experience is by far the most important step you can take to become a real expert in any endeavor, and herb gardening is no exception. You will soon see a pattern of what works best and what causes a set back. It can also document the joys and challenges you feel as you go along.

2. Seek out Mentors -- Gardeners crop up everywhere as soon as you start asking questions. People are usually more than willing to talk about what they enjoy -- and what is driving them crazy -- and you will often find out that what is stumping you has also given them grief either now or some time in the past. Invite them over to see your garden and share a cup of tea -- maybe even out of your own garden. Not there yet? Ask to see their own pride and joy. Mentors also come in the form of those that help you at the local nursery or home store. They love gardening enough to work at it and are often more than willing to help out!

3. Buy a Good Book -- Reading in-depth material on gardening will become more enjoyable as you gain expertise, and a book with a good index is always there to assist you even if you never read a single whole chapter.

4. Find an Expert Internet Site -- The internet is full of expert sites and user groups in most any topic, and gardening is certainly no exception. These sites are full of information and those mentors I mentioned in the first key. They are willing to spend hours with you to help solve a problem, and twice as long to brag abut successes. My favorite is the Gardenweb, but there are many more that you might like better - just search!

5. Join a Local Gardening Group -- This is not for everybody, but if the first four keys don't get you to a point where you feel connected to the gardening community then a local group can really give you an extra boost. And, you can also just do it because it sounds fun.

These five keys can provide you will all the information you will ever need or want and can build lasting friendships, and most of it is free. Just remember to keep that journal or so much great advice and experience will soon be forgotten. I get great joy by going back over my early garden journals -- I laugh, I cry, and I get a lot of "new" tips I had forgotten all about.

Erin Smart is an herb gardening enthusiast who loves to garden with her family. Together they grow all kinds of organic herbs and vegetables and share seeds with other organic gardeners all over the world.

Specialized in: Herbs And Growing
URL: http://www.esmartyherbgarden.info
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