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             26 October, 2020

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Erasing Credit Card Debt - I Doubt You'll Hesitate to Drop Up to 60% of Your Debt

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2009-09-06 02:45:02     
Article by Brian Prinz

Dealing with the company that gives out your credit card, is allot of frustration and stress. Try to negotiate a deal over your debt with them and you will even get more frustrated. Relax, because you will get a more solid result if you deal with those companies in a better way.

It's peculiar, but if you are a credit card customer with a "good" record you won't easily walk away with a good deal. The company sees no grounds why you should discontinue timely payments. Only if you are a "bad" customer they are interested in negotiating because otherwise they might get no money at all.

Once you stop paying, letters and phone calls will flood you, looking for an explanation. You must know how to handle those.

Companies won't start negotiating a settlement of your debt within the first ninety days. At this point you must struggle for the lowest percentage possible. The company usually starts with 85 percent of your debt, but if you are smart you can get a deal of 60 percent.

If you close a deal with the company you must find the money to pay. A family member may come to your rescue, a bank perhaps, or maybe you are in for a refund on your taxes. Normally you have thirty days to pay the settlement, if the sums are high enough you can also arrange for an installment plan of three months with the company.

So you paid your debt, but your credit rating stills shows up as poor, telling that you only paid a part of the sum. Still it's better than being bankrupt, so you can go on with your life.

Negotiating about your debt is not that petrifying as it may seem, because the company wants to get its money back. So choose for negotiation and you might see your debt reduced as well.

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