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How to Teach Your Baby to Read

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2009-09-03 01:39:17     
Article by Judy Hansen

The success of your baby's capability to read would depend on how you teach your baby to read. If you can teach such that the baby feels the fun of learning, then after the first few sessions your baby would look forward to the teaching session. Self-interest and curiosity are the best driving forces for human beings. If you can arouse these two in your baby, the biggest hurdle would get taken care of. On the other hand, if you do not do it carefully enough and make the baby dislike the sessions, then chances are your baby is not going to make it for the time being. Hence, the method of teaching is critically important in the process.

To understand how to move ahead, you need to understand one simple fact about the psychology of a baby. Babies love simplicity, and they love attractive objects. They do not like dry and non-attractive subjects and objects. So you need to insert a bit of attractive juice in your teaching sessions. This attraction has to be simple and fun to live through.

It has been observed that babies start learning to read better from colors and symbols rather than alphabets to begin with. They show better reaction and tend to be more receptive if they are taught with colorful objects and also with objects used in daily lives. To leverage the benefits of this behavior, parents and teachers are suggested to use colors at an early stage of the education process. To teach your baby to read, one can make use of flash cards. The baby would be required to look at the flash card of some color, and then would be required to identify an object in the room with the same color. You shall have to ensure that an object with the same color exists in the room.

At a subsequent stage, once the baby starts understanding similarities and other attributes of real-life objects, parents are suggested to switch to books. There are a number of books available in the market to teach babies to read. In fact, computers can assist you in a big way also. There are a number of video DVDs available today, and using them to the fullest extent would assist the baby learn quicker and better. The parents will have to ensure that the baby gets to watch some of the video DVDs once every day. If the baby starts watching at an age of five months, then by the age of one year or so he/she would learn to read to a great extent. They tend to pick up some of their reading from the TV - you may want to make the best use of this capability by showing them the right channels suitable for babies.

While a baby would start watching DVD videos, that does not mean you would want to remain confined into these videos. You would want to have other fun games that would also teach the baby to read. Arranging letters to form words is one such game. These letters can be on colorful cards, blocks or magnetic boards. This would help your baby grow vocabulary. Additionally, every time a word is constructed from a letter, the baby may be shown the corresponding object to identify the real-life presence of what he/she just learned. This expedites and deepens the learning. Another approach would be to use a chalk board or dry erase boards. You can write alphabets on the board, and so would your baby eventually do. You might exchange nice messages with your baby by writing them no the board. You can further read out the messages you write - babies tend to love to hear about themselves.

Judy Hansen is a mother of 2 young kids (2 & 4 yrs). She is a strong believer of early childhood learning. Parents who want to teach their baby to read may also want to know more about the benefits of babies early reading.

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