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             04 March, 2021

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Copy Xbox Games With a Software Program - Is it For Real Or is it a Hoax?

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2009-08-23 01:52:31     
Article by Robert K.

Copying Xbox games is like getting yourself into a very daunting task. There are so many techie people out there who got stumped in trying to copy games for the Xbox 360. There are also several websites in existence that fool people by false promises that they can provide the ultimate solution to copy games easily specifically for Xbox. First off, you cannot copy a game from Xbox if your console is not modded. You also need to be aware that you cannot copy a game if you do not have an FTP connection between your computer and your Xbox console.

The good thing is that there are several software programs out there that seem to have everything that you need. Once downloaded, these programs will guide you step by step on how to create an FTP connection between your console and your computer. You can also be assured that you will not have a difficulty to copy Xbox game because you will be told what items you need to continue with the process such as cable and mod chips.

Once an FTP site is built to copy Xbox games, all you need to do is to insert the original Xbox disk to the DVD-ROM drive and let the software program do its task. It will start copying and saving the file as X-ISO file. Once this is complete, the software will also prompt you to insert a blank disc where the file will be burned. It may sound so simple and yet the entire process is really complex. Thanks to the many developers out there who made it easy to copy Xbox game. We no longer have to worry about having skipping or scratched disks because we can back up as much as we want. The greatest thing is that these websites that offer these products also off hundreds of downloadable games from their own Xbox game database.

Do you want to lose those favorite Xbox Games? Don't wait till the next time you scratch or lose your favorite game.

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