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             22 January, 2021

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Windows Process and Macro Automation Software - Features Every Good Macro Recorder Should Have

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2009-08-20 07:04:54     
Article by Jag Foo Yong Sing

A good macro recorder have to be robust and versatile. Discover what kind of features every macro recording should have to give you the best windows automation results...

A good powerful macro recorder should be able to help you increase your productivity through automation.

Every single day, we are performing thousands of repetitive keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks. We are often engaged in routine menial tasks such as opening up of files, extracting of data, emailing and so on.

What if we can automate them all? A good windows macro scripting software will ensure you never have to engage in such manual drudgery anymore.

So what are the features a macro recorder utility should have to give you maximum productivity and leverage?

1. A good macro recorder must have the ability to take into account the windows in which the events are targeted. Because you can then generate reliable tasks that are not affected by the delays of a slower computer.

2. A good macro recorder should give you the power to convert your recordings into understandable "actions". So that you can then easily edit the recording to fit your workflow.

3. An intuitive visual designer is important so that you can edit and add on to your recorded macros - even if you don't have any programming skills.

4. The macro recorder tool should give you the power to speed up your recordings.

5. There should be an integrated set of pre-defined actions which you can easily tapped on to fine tune your macro-recordings to make it more robust and reliable. And this will ensure you don't have to re-record the whole process again.

6. The macro recorder must have full support for variables that can pass data from an action to another.

7. An integrated debugger is crucial in allowing you to identify any errors that may be present in your macro recordings.
The debugger has to let you enable and disable actions. And watch each action as it executes.

Also it must give you the ability to set breakpoints to pause execution, execute the job action by action and at the same time inspect the variables' values and system changes.

With such features, you can get the most out of your recordings to achieve maximum productivity from windows automation.

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