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             08 August, 2022

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How to Banish Your High Pitched Voice

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2009-07-30 08:02:27     
Article by Greg Mascetani

Nothing can melt the heart of a woman better than a string of romantic words spoken with a deep and powerful voice. Problem is, not all men are gifted with such a voice. In fact, there are men who are stuck with the high pitched voice that was supposed to go away when they have transitioned into manhood. It is so embarrassing to try and strike up a conversation with a beautiful girl sipping that cocktail by herself at bar counter when you have a squeaky, boyish, high pitched voice. Yet, with a deep and powerful voice, all can be so effortless. Who would not want to hold such power in a voice that can make women more responsive to your advances?

It has been found that improving voice timber has more to do with the muscle conditioning in the voice box rather than the genetic make up of the vocal chords. You can do exercises to strengthen your neck muscles and relax the larynx so that your voice box is conditioned for creating voice that is deeper and more powerful. In just a few days of practicing the exercises, you can already hear the difference in the quality of your voice. Perfecting the conditioning techniques will result in changes in your voice quality permanently. You will have a perfect sounding voice all the time. You can have girls responding positively to the sound of your voice, as well as experiencing the overwhelming satisfaction of not being turned down when you ask a girl out on a date. Such a transformation from a high pitched voice is achievable.

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