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             18 January, 2022

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Learning the Foreign Exchange Market

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2009-07-23 07:07:34     
Article by Cristian Stan

Learning the basics of Foreign Exchange Trading could be as easy as learning A-B-C. To start with, the Foreign Exchange Market is the place where currencies are being bought and sold.

The Forex Market is different from the Stock Exchange Market because in here it is the currencies that are being traded, while in the Stock Market it is the bond or stocks. The size of the Forex Market also differs from the Stock Exchange Market because the Forex Market is by far the largest market in the world with its trades amounting to billions of dollars each day. Also, rules are not that strict in the Foreign Exchange Market, you can trade as much as you like. Compared to the Stock Exchange Market where you are constantly regulated by law to prevent one person or company to monopolize the stocks in the market.

Anyone could trade in the Forex Market since the market is available anywhere in the world, with the largest central marketplace located in the main cities of the world like New York, London and Tokyo. The Foreign Exchange Market is also available online. You could download a Forex Platform in websites made by brokers and could start trading there. So, there is almost nothing that could stop anyone from participating in foreign currency trading.

Here are some of the common terms you would likely encounter when trading in the Foreign Exchange Market:

1. RATE- the current price of a currency.
2. SELL PRICE- the amount in which traders could sell their currency.
3. BUY PRICE- the amount in which traders could buy a certain currency.

Further down the road of your trading career, you will encounter more complicated terms or jargons about the Foreign Exchange Market. Words like Cable, Greenback, Swissie, Aussie, Kiwi, Loonie, Figure and Yard. Don't worry; you will surely learn this and a lot of other terms eventually.

With this basic knowledge at-hand now, you can start to gather some in-depth information about how to trade in the Foreign Exchange Market. One way of learning is to enroll in a Forex Trading Course. These are tutorials on how to be a successful trader. Reputable traders share their knowledge and experiences through this courses so you better go for those traders who are highly known for their good and successful trades.

Another option to learn is to buy and read Forex books. You could buy this in bookstores or you could either download one from the internet. Be sure to ask some help in choosing Forex Books. Look in the internet for Forex books that other traders suggest. Just make sure that the author is well respected and the book will serve its purpose to you, not to someone else.

Now, with all these information with you, you can start trading like a seasoned trader in the Forex Market. Remember to start with low trades first before you go all out. So you can be sure that you'll end in good trades with high profits.

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