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             28 January, 2021

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Roles in Business Continuity and Contingency Plans

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2009-07-21 06:09:19     
Article by Dr Neil Miller

Business Continuity and Contingency Plans provide an effective means to implement a plan when little time is available and the price of failure is high. Plans need to be developed well before the event and where possible be rehearsed to ensure that nothing critical has been forgotten.
One of the greatest challenges is that many of the people who need to implement these plans change over time. Consequently keeping plans and the people who need to implement them, up-to-date is an ongoing challenge; especially when your organization has many plans.
TASKey has developed a simple means to develop plans with roles that can be quickly and easily mapped to the relevant people when a plan needs to be implemented. Even complex plans that involve many tasks, and people in dispersed locations, are relatively easy to develop and initiate.
Most importantly, a personalised ToDo list is dynamically produced for each contributor, so they can see exactly what they need to do, when, and with whom, for one or many contingencies. This ability to automatically present critical task and ToDo information from each person's perspective is unique.
When a person takes over a role they can quickly see what they need to do in a contingency. When a person is matched to a number of roles, a consolidated view and personalised ToDo list can be achieved. This is invaluable because it identifies potential bottlenecks well ahead of implementation.
TASKey has included a sand pit and templating capability where plans can be developed in a draft form complete with roles and responsibilities for all tasks and ToDo's. These plans can be stored as templates ready for later use. At the time a template is pasted, roles can be replaced by the names of the people who will implement the plan and everyone involved with the plan is automatically notified about their responsibilities and what they need to do.
For mobility, each person's contribution to one or many plans can be shown on mobile devices (such as mobile phones). This mobile capability can be critical for emergency management and disaster recovery where evolving and changing situations need to be managed. By employing a plan that can be easily monitored and updated, activities can be optimized, and progress can be determined in close to real-time.
TASKey's business continuity and contingency planning methods simplify both planning and implementation. By supporting a mix of both roles and named individuals and providing a relatively simple means to move between the two, TASKey has streamlined business continuity plans and their dispersed implementation.
Dr Neil Miller

Specialized in: Continuity - Contingency - Plans - Emergency Management - Web Project Management Software - Distributed Project Management
URL: http://www.taskey.com/
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