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             23 November, 2020

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10 Easy Steps to Achieve Your Goals

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2009-07-19 08:14:52     
Article by Ingrid D


We all want something from life, career, relationships etc. The easiest thing to do is to set goals.

The most difficult is to achieve those goals.

So how do we go about achieving what we set out to do?

10 Easy Steps To Follow

1. Be clear about what your goal is. Make sure it is not too broad. For example; I want to have a great body. This is too broad break it down by asking yourself some questions. (some examples)

Do I want a toned body?

Do I want a muscular body?

Do I want to lose weight?

Now write down your primary goal with its sub-goals, for example:

1. I want a great body

1.1 I want to lose weight

1.2 I want a toned muscular body

2. Now breakdown these goals even further. For example, ask yourself to achieve (1.1) what must I do?

1. I want a great body

1.1 I want to lose weight

1.1.1 Design a good eating plan

1.2 I want a toned muscular body

1.2.1 Design a good training program

3. Review your goals again and evaluate if you can break it down further. Repeat until you have all the sub-goals. The number is not material as the smaller your goals are the easier it is to achieve them.

4. Now you look at each sub-goal and evaluate how you can achieve that goal. For example; to design a good eating plan you need to understand what you can and cannot eat. How will you do that? Increase your knowledge of the various food types and then design an eating plan that suits you.

Remember, you must like it else you will have an issue with committing yourself to this new way of eating and if you are not committed you will have a problem to achieve your goals.

5. Good, so far.

Now one of the most important aspects of goal setting is, time! You must have set yourself a time frame in which to achieve your goals.

And please be realistic, there is nothing more de-motivating than not achieving a goal you have set for yourself. For example: I want to lose 10kg / 20lbs in one month, is an unrealistic goal. Starving yourself is not the answer as this is not sustainable.

Start by setting a realistic time frame for your primary goal and work your way down or start with a time frame for your smallest goal and work your way up. Either way does not matter.

6. Start. Do not delay. When you put things off for tomorrow, things get put off for good, as it is always tomorrow!

7. If you struggle with commitment, do one day at a time and congratulate yourself each day when you have successfully achieved your goal for that day. What also helps, tell your friends and your family to let them help to support and encourage you?

8. Enjoy it. If you hate doing it, don't do it.

9. Another great way is to keep a journal of how you are progressing. This way you can continually evaluate what works and what does not.

10. Start a blog and write down your experience of what your struggles, challenges and successes were. This also helps motivate you as you are committing yourself to the world, so to speak. You might even get lots of interaction, advice and encouragement from strangers to help you along the way.

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