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             27 November, 2020

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Tips on Purchasing Clothes Appropriate For Your Age

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2009-07-18 01:45:54     
Article by Jacquie Generra

I just couldn't look in the mirror when I got to my 30s without thinking, 'Oh my gosh! How did I become this?' I was fortunate in the fact that it occurred at the same time as the birth of my child, so the change was very discernible. I started reworking my closet. The short, cinched waistline, dresses went out of style. Ones having long sleeves, kaftans cuts and similar ones came in.

Childbirth actually lasts for a short period of time in the grand scheme of things. Ageing is a slower process and some people have trouble evolving their personal style accordingly. Instead, they just get used to the way they look. How do we let our clothes be easy and stylish -always celebrating the ego and living life? Here are a couple of tips.

The mirror may be our best friend. Make a realistic appraisal of your strengths and areas where you lack. The mirror will respond differently, depending on your mood.

Understand ourselves. The figure of your body, your coloring, and what shapes fit you the best.

Be sure to dress appropriately. Be stylish and competent for the official meeting look, be summery and comfortable for the family picnic look.

If your age is in the twenties. Be as creative as you want with colors, styles, prints, and cuts. Beware of crossing the line into something vulgar, but then, you only have to look in the mirror to check yourself.

For the thirties. Get rid of the trendy stuff you wore as a youngster but don't trash the classics. Flatter your body and feel free to be yourself by being contemporary and picking flattering fashion elements. All those adventurous undertakings you have experienced will help you find the most perfect styles and cuts in a definite manner. Your thirties will be the last part of your dress styles discovery.

In your forties. Be specific on the image you wish to create for yourself. Dress in customized clothes which show off your body in addition to bringing out your own personal style. You should keep your frame of mind youthful and happy, while maintaining your appearance and physique through exercise and dress stylishly yet simply with nothing extreme. Dress classy by showing a little less skin.

Part way through your 50s. Your wardrobe should contain mainly classic styles, with a smaller number of clothes driven by trends. Going by classic styles promises a definite success plan.

Your hair and make-up is always important. If you got it correctly this may affirm a style, but if you got it incorrectly it can dismiss it as well. Let your hairdresser give you advice for a hairdo that will work well.

Finally, if something seems wrong, it usually is wrong - never wear something that makes you wonder 'is it too dull' or 'Does this make me seem fat'?

You do have to dress for your age - you want to dress appropriately so that your body feels great and you look good. Give yourself permission to look good!

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