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             20 March, 2023

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Does Your Ex Avoid You? 4 Easy Tactics Which Will Change Your Life by Pulling Your Ex Back Fast!

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2009-07-15 04:48:03     
Article by Jason Leading

Your ex has been avoiding you and refuses to acknowledge your presence. In such a case following or stalking him/her will be counterproductive. Instead use these powerful tips to stop being avoided by your ex. If you are lucky you may even find your ex pursuing you for a change.

Use emotional blackmail.
Write an emotional letter or leave a heart wrenching message on his/her answering machine. The content should be so powerful that it should melt all his or her defenses. Your ex should be left regretting the fact that they are hurting someone they once loved and admired.

Apologize unconditionally.
If you have realized that your ex was right and you were the erring party then apologize unconditionally. Make it clear that you have learnt from your mistakes and are making efforts to correct them without further delay. Also indicate to your ex that you are willing to seek professional help to iron out your flaws. This will not only please your ex but will he/she will also appreciate your integrity.

Enlist the help of common friends.
Ask your common friends to hold your brief and intervene on your behalf. If your friends are able to convince your ex that the two of you need to give the relationship another try, you may well be reunited with your ex.

Revamp yourself.
Even as you are trying the above mentioned steps, it makes sense that you upgrade your looks to rekindle the old flame. Try to look like the person your ex fell in love with the first time you met. A smarter, sexier you will once again appeal to him/her and he/she will put the bitterness behind for good. However, this should be last step you should attempt.

Now Listen Carefully-

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