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             22 January, 2021

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Tobacco Companies Want You to Die a Smoker - Wake Up to Your Senses!

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2009-07-14 06:33:18     
Article by Kolawole Bisiriyu

After reading a magazine that informs you of the danger ahead for smokers, the benefits for not smoking, and assurance that it's possible and easy to quit smoking, you finally decide to give it a shot. You are able to quit for few weeks. At the end of the day you are back smoking. Is it that it's not easy to quit smoking or what? Why are you finding it difficult to quit?

The above scenario may be your case too. It's not all your fault. The tobacco companies' top executives are busy every year doing meetings on how they will get more customers and how they will retain you as a smoker for life.

They spend several billions of dollars on advertisements that makes smoking looks great to every smoker. Their advertising agents are good in coming up with captivating advertisement that will always arrest the body and mind of every smoker - after all they know that smoking is just an addition of body and mind. There is this local advertisement from a tobacco company that always says 'Tobacco smokers are liable to die you" as a message from ministry of health. The main content of the advert is so captivating to the extents that most smokers will not care to listen to the message at the end of the advert.

Wake up to your senses friend! If you are truly ready to quit smoking which is better, you have to stay committed. You have to understand that it all start from your mind. Your mind convinces your body to pick a cigarette. You have to be able to control your mind.

You are the owner of both your mind and body. You can control your mind. Start today. You can quit smoking. Remember, smokers are liable to die young.

Quitting Smoking is as easy as ABC. It doesn't matter who you are. Your age, status and wallet do not count and more importantly how long you have been a smoker. Here are the secrets that will make quitting smoking like child's play and you getting to quit whenever you desire.EVEN NOW!

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