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7 Steps How to Become a Citizen of Caribbean Country

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2009-07-09 06:58:55     
Article by Jan Pavlik

1st Step - Decision to move
During the last couple of years the Dominican Republic became a home of higher quantities of foreign investors or whole families coming here from abroad.

Which are the principal reasons why to choose Dominican Republic?

* Very stable economy
* Unlimited business opportunities in industry production, services, tourism, export and import
* Nice tropical weather whole year
* Variable and in many places still virgin beautiful nature
* Friendly and helpful local people

2nd Step - Prepare documents to submit your application
Which documents are necessary to submit your application for Dominican residency and work permit?

* Medical exams (it must be done here in Santo Domingo by Immigration doctors)
* Full copy (all pages) of your passport
* Three sets of your photographs (front and side)
* Notarized, officially translated into Spanish and legalized Birth Certificate
* Dominican citizen who is required by the local authorities as a personal guarantee for your application
* Postal address in Dominican Republic

3rd Step - Immigration process
It is strongly recommended to start the process as soon as you reach the country and settle, because you can start your immigration during the turist visa. The first step is to visit the Immigration Office with all the papers for application, you will pass the medical exams (Blood-test and X-ray). At the moment of the acceptation of your file in the Immigration Office, you will receive four digit registration number (which is the number of your file in the Dominican Immigration system) and based on this number you can start immediately to work or do business in Dominican Republic because you are officially considered as a person who has his application in process.

Tip! Is better to bring with you an Spanish speaking, the staff in Immigration Office is really nice and mostly they can speak English with you, but with Spanish you will really speed things up.

4th Step - Settling in new country
Now you have time to settle in and make yourself comfortable in your new home.

Because Dominican Republic is an island, it have own problems - reliable supply of power or water has not yet been achieved. When you will rent or buy an apartment or a house ask everytime for own alternate sources: Planta (gas generator), Inversor (backup power in batteries - like UPS) and for Tinaco (water tank in top of building). When the power goes down for 2-3 hours, it is good to have at least one backup to run the basic (light, fridge, TV, etc.).

Tip! Find a local person to help you with ads for apratment or house, will achieved better prices.

5th Step - Business company
The time to finish your residency process vary from 3 - 4 months from the moment that you submit your application. You can use this time to open a Dominican local business company with bank account, get needed licences for special type of business, such as import or export of medicaments or other controlled products by the state.

What do you need to open a business company with bank account?

* According to the new Business Law of the Dominican Republic 2 persons as owners of the company (before there had to be seven persons)
* Copy of your passport or new Dominican ID "cedula"
* Postal address in Dominican Republic for your company

6th Step - Naturalization (citizenship)
You are living in a new environment and culture, you have a new life, business company and new experiences. You felt in love with Dominican Republic and you want to become a citizen with full rights and advantages of this country?

You can apply for the Dominican citizenship normally after two years of obtaining the permanent residency in the country but the substantial advantage consists in the fact that you do not need to be physically in the country all the time. There are also some exceptions determined by Dominican authorities, for example in case of foreign investors, when you can apply for the Dominican citizenship practically after one year.

What you will get with citizenship?

* Full citizenship and not only so called "economical" citizenship which is offered in most of Caribbean and Central American countries
* Same rights as native Dominican with only one exception - you can not be elected as president of the country
* Free travel visa for example to Israel, Japan, South Korea, Uruguay, Argentina, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador and others
* Your Dominican ID card "cédula de identidad" will be changed for new one, the same as any native Dominican has
* New Dominican Birth Certificate
* Your Dominican travel passport

7th Step - Last step is your first step to become a citizen of Dominican Republic
It looks like a difficult process for you? But in fact, it is really easy, all you have to do is trust to professionals, which will be happy to assist you with every single step, any advice or help that you will need.

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