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             02 July, 2020

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Catching a Cheat - The Top Method to Bust a Cheater You Are Going to Find Anywhere

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2009-07-06 05:45:42     
Article by Dennis R. Ward

The first step in dealing with a potentially cheating spouse or significant other is to get out of the denial phase. Despite how hurt you may feel or how you thought it could "never happen to you," you have to face the fact that infidelity happens every day. And it may very well have just happened to you.

But how do you know whether your suspicions have some basis in reality or if you are simply being paranoid and overly clingy? The key to catching a cheat is to throw away all your old notions of the signs of cheating.

The days of finding a lipstick stain on your significant other's shirt collar are long gone, if they ever existed at all. People who are unfaithful in relationships are generally manipulative and dishonest. They are not going to leave evidence of their infidelity just lying around for you to discover.

So where do you turn? The first place to start is their cell phone. If you can get your hands on their phone, even for a brief period of time, jot down the numbers that they are calling frequently. Now head to a reverse phone lookup Web site that will give you the names and addresses of the people they are calling or texting.

If you find some of these calls to be suspicious, then you are ready to confront your significant other and ask them why they have been calling a particular person. Armed with this information, you will be able to catch a cheat red-handed.

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