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             23 May, 2022

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Pool Heaters

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2006-08-30 19:44:24     
Article by Thomas Morva

The basic purpose of installing pool heater appliances is, to ensure warm water during the winter and cold days. This is important or else pools are rendered useless during this season. This prompts people to drain the pool and embark upon maintenance activities or keep the pool covered for the entire period. Pool heaters are of various types and users may select according to their requirement. For this it is important to understand available options, alternatives and the utility of these appliances.

A number of people prefer installing solar pool heaters. They are a viable option provided customers have evaluated its pros and cons. Prior to purchasing a solar eater, it is important to understand its usage, capacity, and compatibility with the size of a pool, the heaters resourcefulness and efficiency. Apart from this potential customers may compare price points and manufacturers reputation. They function by forcing pool water through a filter into the solar collector, which contains heat from the sun. The water is heated here and then pumped back into the pool. Certain varieties are also known to have a dual function. During summer it is possible to transfer the water during the cooler evenings, which helps lower water temperature in the pool. They have a lower operating cost as compared to other heaters, and manufacturers guarantee durability.

Gas swimming pool heaters force pool water into a filter and then to a heater. People may use natural or propane that burns in the heater's combustion cavity. The heat generated is passed onto the water, which is then pumped, back into the pool. They are quick and efficient and the heat generated can be controlled and retained for longer periods. Heat pump heaters contain a fan that draws air, which is passed onto an evaporator coil. A liquid refrigerant in this coil turns the air into gas that is passed through a heat-producing compressor.

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