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             28 September, 2020

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Best Dumbbell Exercises For Your Biceps! These Tricks Will Give You Explosive Muscle Growth

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2009-06-28 06:45:24     
Article by Rahul Talwar

Whoever coined the word 'dumbbell' for that lump of iron lying around in every gym around the world must have had a weird sense of humor since lifting dumbbells is one of the most intelligent workout routines that can help you gain massive biceps.

Here are a few intelligent exercises with dumbbells that help your biceps to bulge out.

Dumbbell curls. This is the simplest exercise that can be done with dumbbells. Stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand and with palms facing the front, and lift both dumbbells while bending your arm only at the elbows. Remember to do this routine slowly and without swinging your hands. You can also curl each arm alternatively. Do around 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps per set and progressively increase the weight of the dumbbell at regular intervals.

Concentration curls. You will have to sit on the edge of the bench and bend downwards with a dumbbell in one hand. Open up your legs slightly and rest your elbow on the corresponding knee. Curl the dumbbell at the elbow while resting the other arm on the other knee or thigh. This routine too is to be done slowly and without jerks.

Hammer curls. This routine is the same as regular dumbbell curls but with one exception, i.e. your palms should face each other. This routine is a bit more difficult than regular curls and you might also have to go easy on the weight as your wrists will be under a lot of stress during this routine. Do not straighten your elbows completely when you lower your dumbbells.

Incline bicep curls. This routine requires you to lie down on an incline bench with dumbbells in each hand. Although the routine is same as regular dumbbell curls, the fact that you are at an incline will certainly make this routine interesting and challenging. Lift the dumbbells up to your shoulders before lowering them again. This routine too will pump up your bicep muscles quickly.

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