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             20 October, 2021

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See the Wood From the Trees in Website Building

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2009-06-27 06:57:12     
Article by Cj Horan

I recently decided to build a website and was determined that I would do this for free. I started my research in earnest and I used the web as the primary tool.

Now if you have ever done this you most definitely have found, as I did, that you get bombarded with so much useless information, scam artists and effectively very little information that can show you how to do this free.

It took me almost two weeks to sort through the rubbish and eventually come up with a plan. Fortunately it just took me a couple of days to implement this plan. So in summary here are the steps that I took to build a free website:

1. Find a web builder. In my case I used the free Coffeecup HTML editor.
2. Add your HTML. Again I found a format that I liked for my site and downloaded the templates free from freewebsitetemplates.com.
3. Learn to work with HTML. I opened my free templates using coffecup and started to play around, add text and shape it the way I wanted it. You may think 'how can I learn HTML?' but it really is easy and with coffeecup you can monitor every change you make.
4. Name your Site. Here you need to consider the purpose of you site and whether you want traffic to it. Also you need to determine if the name is not already used. You can check this for free at sites like Fatcow.com.
5. Choose your Web Host. Now there are many sites that will host you for free but many of them will have their tag in your site name. So I recommend that you are better off paying for a professional host and it is quite cheap really.

In summary the biggest obstacle for me was getting to the right information and staying focused as you could spend hours reading emails, signing up to useless sites and getting 'supposed' free downloads.

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